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About Me

I started Genealogy & Chronology in mid 2022. Although not a scholar of any art or literature, I have always been interested in genealogies, timelines & chronologies.


I often get asked why I put so much effort into designing charts and the honest answer is I don't know. I learnt designing from scratch by watching YouTube tutorials and that's it. I use a very basic open-source office tool - LibreOffice Draw to design my charts. Maybe the fact that me as a student struggled a lot to grasp & remember history could be the reason why we are here :)

The mission is to document history & literature in a way where people find it easy to understand, to document the kingdoms that are being forgotten, to highlight the genealogies of the Royal House which do not get the recognition they deserve.


My aim is to document family trees of sub-continental monarchies which ruled India prior to to its Independence. Genealogical studies of Royal Houses in India is often overlooked and I hope my research and charts bring awareness and inform people of their past.

As for my middle-earth related charts, my designs are nothing but a simple way to understand and dive deeper into Tolkien's Legendarium. I hope you all like my charts and designs.

Thank you.

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